"If you're a fan of the Mitford Series but yearn for more spiritual depth in the characters and stories you read, take a look at Redeeming The Time." - Glory

“I enjoyed your novel very much. It was an easy read with witty dialogue and a well-constructed plot. If the goal was to share the gospel and give instruction in basic theological truths, that goal was attained. If it was to show the community of the church in action, ditto. I was edified in my faith through the characters in the conversations, thoughts, and actions." - Ellen

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters as they came to life as I read, and by the end I appreciated their friendship & faith that seemed to reach through the pages to touch my heart. To be honest, I've not been able to read much the past few years, but this book really captured my interest and was just what my grieving heart needed. I laughed, I cried, and I even quietly sang along when June was at the piano! So encouraging, and also just fun to read! Looking forward to the future books in this series to continue following along with the Faircourt Friends. This book is just what my heart needed. I'm planning to buy a few more copies to give as gifts, and I'll have a fanclub-in-waiting for Alexandra's next book in this series!!" - Martha

"Redeeming The Time is a great step toward redeeming Christian fiction. A special story about what it can look like to live out the gospel in our lives. Looking forward to the next book in the series!" - Melissa

"I spent most of the night reading. I downloaded the book on my phone and literally couldn't stop reading it. It was exactly what I needed." - Thomas

"The characters are likable as well as relatable. Many times I caught myself smiling and laughing out loud. Often I thought of how much a character reminded me of someone in my life. Other points in the story caused my heart to ache as I resonated with the pain one of the characters was experiencing. I'm so glad this is the first of a series because I have so many questions to be answered, and hopes for the characters as well. I think the is the mark of a great book; you don't want it to end!" - Janelle

"The characters were relatable and enjoyable and this book does what good Christian fiction should and points the reader to Jesus! I'm looking forward to the next book!" - Kristin